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ONAL & ONAL Law Firm has been providing a wide range of legal, commercial, and advisory services to domestic, international, and overseas clients since 1986, utilizing their accumulated knowledge and resources.


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About Our Law Firm

Client Portfolio

Since 1986, ONAL & ONAL has been providing consultancy services to commercial, industrial, and financial institutions. Their clients include companies, multinational corporations, financial and industrial organizations, professional partnerships, trade associations, and individuals. The client portfolio consists of both domestic and foreign clients, addressing their international and local needs with culturally, socially, and legally sensitive approaches.


Areas of Law

ONAL & ONAL is a knowledgeable and experienced law firm that offers legal services ranging from consultancy to advocacy in Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law, and Contracts Law.


Company Establishment

ONAL & ONAL guides its clients on the best practices for company establishment in Turkey. They also provide support in drafting and negotiating necessary contracts (such as leasing, sales and technical support agreements, licenses, business contracts, subcontracts, and distribution agreements) for the company's development.

Services and Quality

Their services include consultancy, case follow-up, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. ONAL & ONAL determines the quality of their services by providing the most suitable and effective solutions to their clients' expectations without causing time and financial losses. They achieve results through the right strategies, all within a budget-friendly service framework.



With their skilled, experienced, and expert team, ONAL & ONAL enhances the quality of work by seeking support from professionals in various fields such as translation, finance, technology, science, and others when needed.
ONAL & ONAL closely monitors current legislation and higher court decisions. They contribute to the development of law and the formation of new precedents through their innovative legal solutions. Many legal issues deemed unsolvable by those accustomed to conventional approaches have been positively resolved by their creative perspectives. Clients who were once discouraged and believed their rightful claims would go unresolved have found justice through legal interventions by ONAL & ONAL.


Philosophy of the Law Firm

ONAL & ONAL sees law as the art of asserting and obtaining what is just and rightful. They do not accept leaving their clients in a state of unresolved conflicts and hopelessness. They reject a legal system that trivializes addressing issues and condemning people to injustice. Their law firm actively seeks justice and ensures it is achieved. For instance; The firm has achieved numerous successes in the field of Inheritance Law. Wills that were deemed irrevocable by many individuals and institutions have been successfully invalidated through rational legal solutions and lawsuits. The cases initiated by them have led to the establishment of new legal precedents by the Court of Cassation. Erendiz Önal's achievements in the field of Compensation Law have been extensively covered in the media and have the distinction of being the first in Turkey. As an example of this, lawsuits were initiated against the administration that promised to pay only postage fees in the face of significant grievances caused by the loss of cargo by PTT (Turkish Post and Telegraph Organization). These lawsuits resulted in the compensation for the substantial losses caused by the loss of cargo. ONAL & ONAL also played a pivotal role in establishing a groundbreaking precedent in Turkish legal history.


Due to the increasing demand for legal consultancy and execution activities in the realm of Intellectual Property, ONALPATENT IP was established under the umbrella of ONAL & ONAL. ONALPATENT IP is one of the few firms that successfully manages the entire process of Intellectual Property in 150 countries, boasting a wealth of experience from WIPO and a network of reliable local partners. Their mastery over the entire legal process facilitates achieving the desired outcomes. Moreover, they are active members of the Patent and Trademark Attorneys Association (PEM) and the Licensing Executives Society Turkey (LES). They actively participate in the activities of these associations and keep a close watch on developments in the field of Intellectual Property.


Our Professional Legal Team

Erendiz ÖNAL

1959 Lüleburgaz doğumludur. Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesinden 1985 yılında mezun olmuştur. 35 yıllık meslek yaşamında…

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