Tax Law

Tax refers to a specific amount of money collected by the government and local administrations from individuals or legal entities according to the law to be used for public services. Tax law, on the other hand, is the branch of law that regulates the rights and obligations arising from the tax relationship between individuals or legal entities and the state, the characteristics of taxes, fees, and charges, and the form and conditions of taxation procedures. Matters related to tax law are regulated primarily in laws and regulations, including the Tax Procedure Law, Income Tax Law, and Corporate Tax Law, and disputes related to tax law are heard in Tax Courts. The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in tax cases is 30 days according to the Administrative Procedure Law.


The Turkish tax system can be examined under four main headings: taxes on income, taxes on wealth, taxes on expenditures, and other taxes. Taxation processes, assessment, notification, accrual and collection, tax exemptions and deductions, resolution of disputes between taxpayers and authorities, and punitive sanctions related to the state’s tax debt are among the main subjects of tax law.


At Önal & Önal Law Firm,

-Disputes arising from all types of taxes such as income, value-added, corporate, motor vehicles, real estate, etc.,

-Settlement process in tax disputes,

-Initiation and follow-up of tax lawsuits,

-Legal consultation regarding tax exemptions and deductions,

-Legal consultation on tax obligations of heirs,

-Submission of applications to tax authorities for regret, complaint, and correction, and many other matters are provided to our clients with over 35 years of experience and expertise from our specialized lawyers.


Profesyonel Hukuk Ekibimiz

Erendiz ÖNAL

1959 Lüleburgaz doğumludur. Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesinden 1985 yılında mezun olmuştur. 35 yıllık meslek yaşamında…

Mehmet Topçu

1999’dan beri büromuzun İcra Departmanında avukat katibi pozisyonunda çalışan Mehmet Topcu bu alanda uzun yıllara…

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