Corporate Law and Corporate Advisory

For companies experiencing increased workloads and preferring a professional approach, seeking legal assistance not only when legal issues arise but on a continuous basis, will lead to the resolution of many problems before they even begin. This can only be achieved by engaging with a reputable law firm for ongoing consultancy.


According to Article 35 of the Attorneyship Law, joint-stock companies with capital exceeding 250,000 TL are required to work with an attorney. While this legal requirement was designed to promote the culture of working with attorneys, it is actually a commercial necessity for any type of company, regardless of its type or capital, that seeks to have a healthy business life. In practice, it is often observed that this requirement is superficially met by paying nominal fees without actually obtaining the necessary legal assistance. This approach is highly misguided and risky.


In practice, the difficulties and financial losses that companies experience due to agreements made with the assistance or approval of an attorney are commonplace and encountered by nearly every attorney in their professional life. Not only in contractual matters but in almost every aspect, engaging in transactions without the guidance and consultancy of an attorney entails significant risk and often leads to negative consequences. Engaging in corporate advisory for matters such as the commencement and termination of business relationships, preparation of contracts, debt and receivable management, will enable companies to foresee potential challenges and prevent substantial financial losses resulting from simple legal errors.


Companies, as crucial actors in the evolving business landscape, have a broad and intricate legal domain within corporate law. Therefore, when choosing a law firm to work with, it is essential to select a firm that is well-versed in commercial law and especially corporate law.


It is important to remember that the cost of seeking legal assistance when there is no apparent issue is far lower than the potential financial cost of not seeking assistance when a serious legal problem arises. Therefore, obtaining continuous legal services is more sensible, secure, and cost-effective for companies than waiting to seek legal help when faced with a lawsuit.


Profesyonel Hukuk Ekibimiz

Erendiz ÖNAL

1959 Lüleburgaz doğumludur. Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesinden 1985 yılında mezun olmuştur. 35 yıllık meslek yaşamında…

Mehmet Topçu

1999’dan beri büromuzun İcra Departmanında avukat katibi pozisyonunda çalışan Mehmet Topcu bu alanda uzun yıllara…

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