Capital Markets Law

Capital markets can generally be defined as the place where capital supply and demand are met. Capital markets law, on the other hand, is a branch of law consisting of legal regulations related to the functioning and supervision of capital markets, rules that protect the interests of investors, and ensure the continuity of the markets. Capital markets law in Turkey is primarily regulated by Capital Markets Law No. 6362. The purpose of the law is to regulate and supervise capital markets for the protection of the rights and interests of investors, to ensure the reliable, transparent, efficient, stable, fair, and competitive operation and development of capital markets.


The implementation of the objectives and practices specified in the Law, the regulation of procedures and principles related to capital market institutions and instruments, and the supervision of institutions and partnerships within the scope of the Law are authorized to the Capital Markets Board. The fundamental functions of the Capital Markets Board are to make regulations regarding capital markets, to approve prospectuses and issuance documents, to grant the necessary permissions to institutions and partnerships to engage in certain activities in capital markets, to monitor and supervise for the stability of capital markets, and to apply measures and sanctions.


Under the framework of capital markets legislation, managing notifications and applications to the Capital Markets Board and BIST, performing activities such as capital increases and public offerings, preparing and signing significant contracts, and selling foreign funds, shares, and bonds require legal knowledge and experience. Önal & Önal Law Firm provides legal support and consultancy to our clients in the management of all kinds of transactions related to capital markets and in the follow-up of investigations.


Profesyonel Hukuk Ekibimiz

Erendiz ÖNAL

1959 Lüleburgaz doğumludur. Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesinden 1985 yılında mezun olmuştur. 35 yıllık meslek yaşamında…

Mehmet Topçu

1999’dan beri büromuzun İcra Departmanında avukat katibi pozisyonunda çalışan Mehmet Topcu bu alanda uzun yıllara…

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